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How Much Does Branding Matter? More Than You Might Think!

How much time and effort do you put into branding your company? Can you be confident you incorporate your branding effectively? Meridian West recently received feedback from a USACE Contracting Officer (CO) mentioning that having and keeping a recognizable brand for your company is beneficial for evaluators and contracting professionals.

Being consistent with visual identity can be largely beneficial and brings instant recognition from federal-contracting professionals. Further, you should integrate your brand across every aspect of your business to ensure your company is recognized immediately. From your largest proposals, to your website and on-site banners, to your smallest task order or price proposals, all materials should have the same branding.

Often times, contractors choose to prepare and submit smaller task order or price proposals themselves if they don’t have many requirements above pricing. While understandable, often times, contractors aren’t incorporating their branding into these small proposals, simply filling in the required boxes and submitting. Missing the opportunity to blast the COs and evaluators with well-known branding can be costly!

Utilizing a Proposal Team like Meridian West for all proposal submissions can help you stay branded across all platforms. We have a keen eye for an incorrect logo size, wrong font, skewed photo or a slight discoloration. Even on the smallest task order or price submissions, we ensure consistent branding incorporation throughout each section of a submission.

Consistently putting your name and brand in front of CO’s and evaluators is important. Your consistent brand with the right business strategy and the right price is KEY.

Contact Meridian West and start successfully branding your company in front of federal agencies today.

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