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Amy Noble - Proposal Consultant 


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Amy has been conquering the proposal world with Meridian West for nearly 18 years and is affectionally known as our oldest-living employee. Originally from the potato state, Idaho, she accidentally settled in Utah more than 20 years ago and has never looked back. She has become an expert in responding to Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) procurements since her humble start at Beneco Enterprises and has filled her proposal cup with a heaping of other pursuits such as design-build, asset management and public-private partnerships (P3), to name a few. She’s been at this proposal game for a while and may have stabbed out a proposal form or two on a typewriter in her early days (gasp). Throughout the years, Amy has prepared proposals for work from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim and everywhere in between. Her hearty work ethic, competitive nature and a degree in marketing from the University of Utah prove to be the right balance for a boatload of proposal experience. 


With a knack for perpetually pleasing her clients, Amy may be our sweetest consultant. That is to say, you’ll likely get a spoonful of sugar to soften each rebuttal in the good old fashioned name of winning--and winning is at the top of her priority list whether it be a proposal, a workplace competition or secretly racing the person next to her on the treadmill. As you may have guessed, Amy is the persistent, yet adaptable, type that guides clients successfully through the proposal process from start to finish. She thrives on the sick adrenaline rush of a deadline, which is precisely why she continues to exceed client expectations. Amy also has a talent for sprinkling a bit of pop culture and a hip-hop lyric or two into any conversation, allowing her to keep the conversation going and going and going, becoming our own little Energizer Bunny.


When she’s not chasing down proposal information, Amy spends her time at the playground (ya know! ♬) chasing down her five-year-old daughter or running down mountains with her bestie. Amy is MW’s number one San Francisco 49ers fan and may be slightly addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and audiobooks. She’ll never pass on the color pink, as evident in her unicorn-like hair, or a showing of Dirty Dancing because “Nobody puts baby Amy in a Corner.” She strongly believes in teaching her daughter about great music and is proud of the fact that many 80s hits top Chloe’s most requested songs. Cue Joan Jett’s I Love Rock N’ Roll!