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Business Development

Business development services from Meridian West Consultants help contractors improve company performance and foster growth. We do this by providing improved access to markets and increasing your ability to compete for targeted opportunities.


Using a combined strategic and operational approach, our experienced team has assisted hundreds of clients in meeting their objectives of growing their business and improving profitability.


We tailor our scalable, affordable Integrative Business Solutions™ to meet the needs of each client. Our monthly business development contract option allows us to provide a greater depth of services, additional resources and increased value — all at an affordable, discounted rate.

Basic Business Development Services


With a monthly business development contract, your company will immediately begin benefitting from our proprietary suite of cradle-to-grave business development and federal proposal management services, as well as a variety of value-added resources.


The pillars of our proposal management and organizational development services under a monthly contract include:


Opportunity Tracking — Our team tracks upcoming contracting opportunities, and using specific criteria identified for your firm, alerts you to RFPs, RFQs and SOQs that are best-suited to your abilities and capacity.


Bid/No-Bid Analysis — This invaluable service enables your firm to evaluate the viability of upcoming opportunities objectively rather than emotionally.


Proposal Management — Our experienced team manages the proposal process from beginning to end, including strategy development, proposal writing and compliance reviews to help you win the contracts that will benefit your company the most.


Value-Added Services Included


In addition to our basic business solutions, our monthly business development contract includes value-added services, such as:


Expanded Opportunity Tracking – Our team provides more detailed searches for improved long-term market reach, tailored specifically to your industry and niche market.


Weekly Business Development Calls – We include weekly business development calls to monitor the procurement pipeline and evaluate upcoming opportunities.


Guaranteed Resource Availability – We deliver the ability to meet proposal needs through proactive forecasting of resources in tandem with upcoming opportunity reviews and guarantee ample resources.


Reduced Printing/Production and Shipping Costs – Depending on the type of monthly contract selected, complimentary or reduced-price printing and production services and shipping costs may be yet another benefit to your firm.


Reduced Hourly Rate –Under our monthly contract structure, depending on the services you require, you will benefit from a significant savings over of our regular hourly rate. We structure your agreement to best meet your needs, and revisit the terms if these needs change.

Our team can also create and guide you through additional business development deliverables, such as:

  • Marketing Materials

  • Presentations

  • Statement of Qualifications

  • Sources Sought Responses

  • Capabilities Statements

  • Market Surveys


Why Monthly Business Development Contracts Makes Sense


We have designed our monthly proposal management services contract to provide maximum value for an affordable price. The flat, monthly rate allows you to budget for these services and distribute the cost throughout your company’s fiscal year. And because any unused hours roll over without penalty, you can take advantage of these benefits in the way that makes the most sense for you.


Plus--you can utilize these services for your own projects as well as any affiliated entities, teaming partners or joint ventures.


Would you like to learn more about how our Integrative Business Solutions™ can help your company achieve your growth and profitability goals? Contact Meridian West Consultants today for more information about our monthly business development contracts.




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