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Meridian West Consultants provides a full range of federal proposal management services designed to help our clients realize their goals for opportunity capture, businesses growth and market share.

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Proposal Management

Professional proposal management services help contractors bid on — and win — lucrative government contracts.

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Bid/No Bid Analysis

The bid/no-bid analysis process provides an information-driven alternative to what might otherwise be an emotionally based decision to pursue a project.


Proposal Library Management

A highly effective way to store critical data that can be used when responding to future requests for proposal (RFPs).

Business Development

Our experienced team has assisted hundreds of clients in meeting their objectives of growing their business and improving profitability.


Proposal Print Production

Our Utah-based full-service print production studio offers high-capacity, professional-quality printers, cutters, binders and professional-quality paper stocks and supplies.

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Opportunity Tracking

Tracking upcoming opportunities allows decision-makers to identify and pursue projects ideally suited to the company’s strengths and objectives. 

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