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Consultant Spotlight - RaNae Schmidt

Behind the scenes of Meridian West’s incredible team, you’ll find the Owner and Manager, RaNae, who dabbles in every aspect of running a successful, woman-owned small business. Going into the 20th year of business, she is proud of what her team has built to become more adaptable and develop the business into one that brings greater happiness and a better life balance–something she values!

With a degree in accounting and an MBA, RaNae started on the operations side of federal contracting in the IDIQ/JOC/SABER world. She has since learned the value and importance of a high-quality proposal from Meridian West’s proven performance on more than 1,500 proposals (since inception) with an aggregate value exceeding $25 billion.

The best part of her job is building long-time relationships with her team members and clients. It’s the most fun when a client wins a new contract, and to share in their excitement, you’ll find RaNae toasting to their success. From managing daily operations and crunching numbers to forecasting workload and reviewing proposals or government requirements, RaNae is willing to help anyone, anytime. She’s often called the glue that holds the team together!

RaNae’s entrepreneurial streak doesn’t stop with just Meridian West. She and her husband of 20 years are always brainstorming on their next improvement or big idea as she loves the excitement of what change can bring. Sometimes you’ll find her working remotely as she continues traveling the world looking for more experiences to share with her two daughters (while they still want to be with her). Whether flying their homebuilt airplane, mountain biking and Onewheel riding, boating Lake Powell, camping, hiking or recently learning how to sail a catamaran in the Exuma Islands, RaNae is always on the move exploring and making the most out of life. Family, dedication, appreciation and adventure are the fundamentals of her life.

If you haven’t ever worked or visited with RaNae, add her to your LinkedIn connections. You might find that some of the unique qualities of the woman behind our team are things you have in common.

  • RaNae has a passion for adventure and traveling and has visited 26 countries thus far. Her family’s recent interest in sailing is the next step to exploring more by sea!

  • Every good proposal writer has had a few, if not many, all-nighters! Once, RaNae and her team worked 36 hours straight before she met her husband at the airport for a vacation that he had packed for.

  • RaNae’s happy place is being with her husband and girls. She’s an outdoor gal--leash up the dogs, grab some water and off she’ll go to play in the sun while dragging her kids on a hike or trying to keep up with her mountain-biking guy.

  • RaNae is learning with age that you can’t control everything and everyone, although our Type-A personalities at Meridian West sure damn well try!

  • RaNae’s favorite saying: Suck It Up!


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