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Proposal Library Management

Meridian West Consultants offers a proposal library management option for our clients as part of our comprehensive suite of proposal management services and integrative business solutions.


This unique service offering provides a highly effective way of storing critical data that can be used when responding to future requests for proposal (RFPs). Because we customize all our service offerings to meet the needs of each client, our content and information management provides calculable benefits, including reducing preparation time and improving the accuracy of proposals.

What Is Proposal Library Management?


The type and nature of the materials that companies are required to submit for a proposal vary based on the project and contracting entity. However, much of the information — particularly as it concerns a client’s experience and qualifications — is repeatedly used.


We discovered that many clients were spending time recreating documents and information that could, with the right information management strategies, be preserved and repurposed for subsequent proposals.


This inspired us to design and launch our unique proposal content and information management services.

The Benefits of Proposal Library Management


When we work with a client on a proposal, we offer the option to catalog any of the data contained in the package into our information management system.


When working on future RFPs, we can locate in our data catalogue any information that is specific to the client, the contracting entity or the project. This means the client does not have to spend the time gathering information and answering questions they’ve already addresses for past projects.


This also means that Meridian West Consultants team members do not have to enter and format the information again. The client reduces time and costs for preparing RFPs, improves responsiveness, and potentially wins more contracts due to improved quality and accuracy.


Proposal Library Management Customized to Meet Clients’ Needs


No two clients have the same needs for any proposal management services, including the organization and administration of their content.


Meridian West Consultants develops client-specific strategies for every aspect of our services, including information and proposal library management. This innovative and creative solution contributes significantly to the overall business development and proposal and operations management effort — helping clients grow their business and meet even the most aggressive goals for revenue growth.


The experienced Meridian West team brings an unparalleled level of qualification and experience to bear for our clients. Since 2001, our unique approach to integrated business solutions has allowed us to propel our clients to new heights in their industries. If you would like to learn how we can customize proposal, operations and proposal library management strategies to help your firm prosper, contact us today to schedule a personal consultation or to speak to one of our expert team members.

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