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Proposal Management Helps MBE/WBE Contractors Prosper

Professional proposal management and business development services can help both minority-owned business enterprises (MBE) and women-owned business enterprises (WBE) grow and thrive in the construction industry.

proposal mangement MBE/WBE contractors

Most government contracting entities provide improved access to bidding opportunities for MBE/WBE contractors — also known as MWBE businesses — and adhere to legally mandated MWBE participation standards.

A business development consultant can assist companies in obtaining certification as an MBE or WBE organization and provide the tools and strategies necessary for winning government contracts.

Getting Help in Obtaining MWBE Certification

Many contracting firms that qualify for MWBE certification never obtain this important credential because the process can be complex and confusing. Applying for certification takes time, which few business owners have to spare. It also requires understanding how to put the documentation together to obtain certification and where to submit it once you have it.

In fact, companies typically must demonstrate their certification to multiple government contracting entities if they hope to be eligible for MWBE benefits and contracts with each one.

A proposal management consultant can handle the certification process on your behalf, including submission to federal, state, county and municipal contracting entities as applicable to your business.

What Qualifications Are Required for MBE/WBE Certification?

To qualify for MWBE certification, your firm must have a majority owner (holding at least 51 percent of company stock or other ownership interest) who is either a minority (MBE) or a woman (WBE). Minorities currently eligible for most MBE certification programs are Hispanic, African-American, Asian or Native American.

You will have to provide the necessary documents, including copies of your organizational plans, business and contractor’s licenses, insurance, bonds, recent tax returns, financial statements, key personnel resumés and a business plan. You must also demonstrate that you are a U.S. citizen and not in arrears on business or personal taxes, either at the state or federal level.

Renewing your certification each year will require you to provide updated support documents as necessary.

A proposal management professional can retain your qualification documents in their content management database so you do not have to assemble it all each time you need it for a new certification or annual renewal.

Proposal Management Benefits to MBE/WBE Firms

Once you have fulfilled the obligations for MWBE certification with the desired government agencies, each one will list you in their database under the appropriate classification.

This allows general contractors, construction managers and agency designees to contact you directly and request a proposal or estimate.

Because many MBE and WBE firms are small or just starting out in their industry, a proposal management consultant can assist in conducting a bid/no-bid analysis for each opportunity, to help you determine whether a given project may be worth your effort. This helps you avoid wasting resources in pursuit of an unwinnable project or one that does not match your goals.

If you would like to learn more about how MWBE certification can help your business, contact Meridian West Consultants today. We assist companies throughout the U.S. with identifying and analyzing government contracting opportunities — and with preparing and submitting winning proposals. Contact us today to learn more about your affordable, value-added proposal management services.

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