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Consultant Spotlight: Kari Fowler

How time flies when you’re having fun AND writing/assisting with winning proposals! Kari has been a part of the proposal writing team for almost three years! She came to Meridian West from a 15-year marketing career with print and digital advertising, which over time had morphed into writing for and editing a travel magazine. Kari has experienced different sides of our unique proposal management business including capture planning, resume development, compliance reviews, project write-ups and overall proposal development.

Upon joining Meridian West, Kari dedicated her time to large-scale, high-profile Public-Private Partnership (P3) proposals. She specializes in writing higher education, military, hospitality and state and municipal proposals with success in each arena for her clients. Additionally, she is a valuable asset for our clients in creating and maintaining company resumes, projects and marketing materials. Recently she’s shifted her focus to support the federal proposal writing team and is learning all the ins and outs of IDIQs, MATOCs, SABERs and JOCs, just to name a few. She’s loving the opportunity to get to know and work with our numerous, long-standing, federal clients.

Kari hopes to soon go back to Europe for another adventure reminiscent of when she and her husband spent six weeks backpacking through Italy, completely falling in love with the Amalfi Coast, as well as Spain and Croatia. She looks forward to the many mountains left to climb, cities to explore, cultures to immerse into, and definitely the abundance of wine left to taste when European travel becomes an option again.

With three grown boys, a.k.a. men, Kari and her husband spend time traveling between Oregon and Louisiana visiting their sons, and are thankful that at least one lives close enough to see on a day trip.

Kari is all about the Great Outdoors, as long as it’s warm and sunny. She and her husband recently bought a boat with friends and are loving their time exploring Lake Powell and other nearby lakes. Alternatively, she enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains and all the gorgeous scenery that the western US provides, and is even looking to start conquering some of Colorado’s 14ers (peaks exceeding 14,000’).

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