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Defining the Offer – Creating your Best Technical Approach

Does the technical approach of a proposal seem like the hardest part to wire? Does it intimidate you more than any other section of the proposal? You’re not the only one! A technical approach can be the toughest and scariest part of the proposal to tackle.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it can also be the most important! The technical approach is the piece of the proposal that defines your offer and demonstrates your knowledge and capabilities to fulfill the customer’s goals.

Team Work

The reputation of the technical approach validates the importance of working as a team to create a winning approach! Meridian West Consultants brings together all platforms of knowledge, from Proposal Consultants to Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts to cohesively drive an approach that provides the customer with a confident understanding of how and you will successfully perform the project.

Meridian West Consultants brings our knowledge of understanding evaluation criteria and meeting strict compliance to any team. We outline the technical approach with headers and sub-headers, ensuring all areas of the requirements and evaluation criteria are addressed. We expand the outline by continuing with research, data dumps, interviews, writing and editing.

Project Managers can provide valuable input on topics like mobilization, schedule, materials and resources, while Subject Matter Experts provide very detailed information about specific scopes of work. Typically, Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts bring a lot of passion and enthusiasm to the scope and their specific subject, while the proposal consultant helps tie it all together in a relevant, easy-to-ready and compliant approach.


Knowing where to guide responses from Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts is a skill set all its own. Meridian West Consultants’ proposal consultants can interview you and call attention to the most relevant areas. We are also great at smoothing and fine tuning these delicate approaches. BUT, we need your help! Since we are not Subject Matter Experts on all thing’s construction, it’s important for our clients to be involved and engaged through the process of the technical approach creation. Your input on the nitty-gritty scope details is the most important part of the approach! This is where project owners or proposal evaluators become confident with your abilities to perform the project.

The Winning Approach

Besides the required scope details, a winning technical approach should address what results the customer is going to receive and how you can help them achieve their goals! A strong technical approach doesn’t stop after collaboration and writing of the document. A thorough review from all sides of the team should always be conducted. Additionally, at Meridian West Consultants, we always have an independent reviewer examine the technical approach to ensure all the requirements and evaluation criteria are properly addressed.

Contact Meridian West Consultants today to let us help you create a descriptive, yet concise and direct approach, that covers all the requirements of a specific technical approach. Let us show you how collaborating as a team can result in a relevant, compliant and winning proposals!

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