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Kickoff Meetings – Setting the Tone for Success

What is the first step to a federal contracting award? A successful kickoff meeting!

It is your first and most important opportunity to set expectations and establish goals across the entire proposal team. For a kickoff meeting to be successful it takes both the proposal consultants and the federal contractors to work as a unified team, investing and contributing to the proposal’s overall success from the beginning.

Master the art of kickoff meetings with MW

Kickoff meetings with Meridian West get everyone on the team engaged, from understanding project goals and scope to taking responsibility for roles. Our approach to a successful kickoff meeting starts with a directive, an easy-to-read outline of the Request for Proposal (RFP) created by our proposal consultants.

Prior to the kickoff meeting, the directive is distributed to all members of the proposal team. During the on-site or conference call kickoff meeting, your lead Meridian West proposal consultant will utilize the directive as an outline and establish the following with the team.

We recommend clients come prepared to the meeting with questions regarding the RFP, our processes and specific timelines. These kickoff meetings are equally important for both parties. Open dialogue between the consultants and federal contractor ensures everyone is on the same page, working toward common goals and expectations are understood for each company and team member.

Keeping kickoff meetings brief but impactful is key to having all team members focused and actively participating throughout the proposal process. Tips for the proposal

Once the kickoff meeting commences, the real magic happens! Meridian West turns the established goals and win themes into a compelling, relevant and compliant submission.

While some people would like to skip the kickoff meeting entirely, our proven process has resulted in an exceptional win rate and many satisfied clients. In summary, there is a method to our madness! Please join us for a kickoff meeting soon!

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