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Understanding Debriefs and How They Can Benefit You

Have you questioned if it’s worth your time to request and participate in a debrief? In most cases it is beneficial because debriefs are designed to help you enhance your business for future success.

Participating in debriefs helps in learning how your proposal was technically evaluated and price ranked among competitors. They are a key element to the progression of your proposals and the increase of your win rate.

The benefits a debrief provides are worth the time and energy put into the process. If done effectively, a debrief can provide effective learning, a catalyst for change and actionable improvement. It’s important to remember that debriefs are beneficial weather your offer lead to a successful award or a failed mission.

Confused about the difference between a pre-award and post-award debrief? It’s all about the timing you receive notice of your award or exclusion from the contract.

Pre-Award Debrief A pre-award debrief can be requested once an offeror is excluded from the competitive range and/or otherwise eliminated from the competition, but award of the contract has not been made. During this type of debrief, you will gain insight on the evaluation of significant elements in your proposal, compliance with applicable criteria and regulations, as well as rationale for elimination.

Post-Award Debrief Post-award debriefs can be requested and are given once award of the contract has been made to all successful and non-successful offerors. This debrief provides more information such as number of offerors, name(s) of awardee(s), as well as items, quantities and/or unit prices of each award. Of course, this debrief also provides rationale for award or exclusion with regards to all evaluation criteria.

Get your debrief requested as soon as notices of award or exclusion are given. In each debrief instance, offerors have three days to request a debrief after notice, so don’t delay!

Keep in mind that the benefits and lessons learned from each debrief aren’t always immediate, tangible benefits, however often times they are the grounds for long-term, consistent improvement that can be made throughout your organization and during your proposal preparation process to ensure a better end product.

While you probably feel like you have already dumped a bunch of time into your offer, and there are surely competing business interests, it is definitely in your best interest to spend time preparing for the debrief. Here are some simple ways you can prepare in advance to ensure you get the most out of your debrief.

Debrief requests and preparations can be made by Meridian West Consultants and are offered at no additional cost following management of your proposal. We have extensive experience participating in clients’ debriefs with federal agencies, providing us lessons learned that we put into action during all proposal preparations.

Contact us today to learn more about debrief benefits and preparations!

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