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How Does a Proposal Manager Identify Bidding Opportunities?

Opportunity tracking involves a complex set of processes and tools that allow the proposal management firm to create a pipeline of well-chosen bidding opportunities.

Identifying Bidding Opportunities

A professional proposal manager provides a unique service for their clients, assisting them with developing their business and meeting their growth objectives.

The core of these services — managing the proposal development process to improve win rate — relies on identifying opportunities that meet the client’s unique needs, interests and criteria.

Identifying Client Criteria for Opportunity Tracking

Based on this accumulated knowledge, the proposal manager will develop a project profile and track opportunities that fit within the specified criteria.

Strategies Proposal Managers Use for Opportunity Tracking

Proposal managers use a variety of resources to track opportunities and to establish a business development pipeline for clients.

An experienced proposal management firm has access to a variety of data sources and streams to identify targets. Their team routinely reviews newly-announced and upcoming projects to find those that are in line with their clients' interests and capabilities.

After presenting to the client, the proposal manager can assist with a bid/no-bid analysis to determine if the project is worth the time and resources necessary to develop a proposal.

Proposal Managers also Track Opportunities for Small Businesses & MWBEs

Some opportunities are flagged for specialty contractors, including small businesses, minority-, women- owned businesses (MWBEs) and veteran-owned businesses (VOBs).

Government entities often designate a portion of their annual contracts for disadvantaged business entities. Small businesses, including VOBs and MWBEs, often lack the resources to pursue and track upcoming projects. To have the best chance at capturing those opportunities, small businesses can leverage the benefits provided by proposal management firms.

Meridian West Consultants assists companies throughout the US with identifying and analyzing contracting opportunities. Our professional team of experts understands how to identify the projects that best match your business objectives. If the bid/no-bid analysis indicates that bidding and submitting a proposal makes sense for your business, our team will assist you along the way to help you submit a winning proposal.

Contact us today to learn more about our proposal manager and opportunity tracking options.

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