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See how your business can benefit from professional, federal opportunity tracking services, on us. We'll create a tailored search criteria and start matching your company with opportunities right away.

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Our talented proposal consultants consistently maintain an astounding 60% average win rate on more than 100 proposals completed annually.

Proven strategies

Our proven performance on more than 1,000 proposals,with an aggregate value exceeding $20 billion,

to support your business-development goals.

Tailored service

We provide tailored, scaleable solutions to both small and large businesses, for projects valued from 

$100,000 to $3 billion

Competitive Rate

Our hybrid service rate for proposal management is $125/hour, with options for monthly business development contracts at discounted prices.

Dedicated Proposal Management Company

Meridian West Consultants provides a full range of federal proposal management services designed to help our clients realize their goals for opportunity capture, businesses growth and market share. Since 2001, we have assisted contractors of all sizes and disciplines using our business development solutions platform, providing opportunity tracking, proposal management, bid/no-bid analysis and content management. To support your firm’s growth, we also offer business development and operations management assistance.


If you are ready to take the next step toward realizing your goals for organizational and revenue growth, we would love to tell you more about our cradle-to-grave federal proposal management services.

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