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Benefits of Opportunity Tracking


Tracking upcoming opportunities is a strategic way to approach the business development effort. When business owners have multiple upcoming projects in the pipeline, they can use a formal set of tools to facilitate planning and focus.


More important, tracking upcoming opportunities allows decision-makers to identify and pursue projects ideally suited to the company’s strengths and objectives.


Firms that do not use a formalized approach to tracking often miss the release of a priority opportunity or waste precious time and resources tracking on their own when that time can be better spent running the business or managing projects. A formalized approach to tracking upcoming opportunities better prepares your company for landing the projects you want by concentrating efforts in the right areas and scopes of work.


Tracking Prepares You to Capture Opportunities


Tracking upcoming opportunities helps you improve your capture rate.


When you can identify an upcoming opportunity early, you have more time to develop strategies and allocate resources to improve your chances of submitting a compliant, compelling proposal and landing the project.


Formalized tracking gears the business development focus on select opportunities, allowing for laser-sharp focus and sufficient resources to create the winning proposal.


Try Our Complimentary, No-Obligation Opportunity Tracking Services


We offer free opportunity tracking services to our clients as part of our overall business development platform, along with federal proposal management, bid/no-bid analysis and content management.


To take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation opportunity tracking service, simply complete the search criteria form below. We will review your preferences to develop a tailored search criteria, and then weekly emails will be generated based on your preferences with the goal to identify an upcoming opportunity that’s right for you.


If you see an opportunity that interests you, simply let us know and we will track it, and then notify you once the government agency issues a solicitation. Once we have the solicitation, we can review the submission requirements and evaluation criteria with you, provide you with a proposal estimate and assist with a bid/no-bid analysis. . If you would like to proceed, we can assist you in preparing your proposal.


Meridian West Consultants provides a full range of scalable solutions to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Contact us today to learn more about our complementary opportunity tracking services.

Opportunity Tracking


Professional opportunity tracking services provide contractors of all sizes with a unique and powerful business development tool they may not have the resources to create on their own or for some, it supplements their in-house efforts


Tracking upcoming projects allows for a forward-looking allocation of resources in preparation of developing a proposal. This process also better prepares your company to develop a truly responsive proposal and bid.

Opportunity Tracking
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