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Consultant Spotlight: Hollie Duncan

One year down, several more to go! Hollie joined the Meridian West team just over one year ago and with her previous experience in proposal management and her outgoing attitude, she clicked with the Meridian West team immediately. Not only did she tackle the wild year that has been 2020, but she has also teamed with Meridian West proposal leads to complete more than 40 proposals including IDIQ contracts, design-build and design-bid-build contracts for agencies throughout the country and Canada.

Leveraging her now combined three years of proposal management experience, Hollie is quickly moving into leading proposals alongside her experienced co-workers, and building relationships with clients across the market.

Hollie’s first day at MW marked what would become an extremely eventful year for the new hire. From getting engaged in April to adopting her three-year-old puppy named Daisy, it has been a year of excitement and growth. She spends her time celebrating the successes of these last 12 months by going on long hikes around Phoenix and northern Arizona, when it is cool enough that is, visiting her family in Colorado and volunteering with her local youth. While her traveling bug has been temporarily put on pause, Hollie and her fiancé visited over 10 different states during 2019 one being her home state of Alaska, and look forward to seeing the rest of the country in the coming years. With adventures including combat fishing on the Russian River, wandering the streets of Seattle (pre-Covid) and meeting all of her future in-law’s extended family for a family reunion Hollie has gained a wide variety of memories and experiences in the last year.

Hollie utilizes her unconventional upraising in Alaska to adapt to the ever-changing world and shock people with her stories of moose and salmon and bears (oh my!). Hollie moved to Phoenix on a whim over five years ago, and while the summers require as much shelter as the harsh winters of Alaska, she has come to call the desert her home. Moving into this next year of undertakings, Hollie looks forward to leading more proposals and building client relationships as well as celebrating her wedding day and this next phase of life. Look out for this up and coming MW team member as she seeks to achieve her following future goals.

1. Developing her own brain bank of proposal management knowledge that parallels that of her veteran co-workers

2. Expansion of successful proposal submissions and wins for current and new clients alike

3. Writing her first, and possibly only, book on the impact that a medical phenomenon can have on local communities

4. Starting a family with her soon to be hubby – even if it that may just mean some more fur babies.

5. Attempting to travel enough to keep her Southwest companion pass – though that is most likely a lost cause… A girl can dream!

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