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Top 4 Proposal Manager Benefits

Working with a proposal manager provides an array of benefits to contractors who seek to procure more public-sector contracting opportunities.

Proposal Manager Benefits

A professional proposal management service help businesses grow and expand, and enable them to meet even the most ambitious growth objectives. To accomplish this, proposal managers bring four key benefits to their clients.

No. 1: Establishing Proposal Strategy

Most contractors — particularly small and medium-sized businesses — have no clear proposal strategy in place. In fact, many proposal management clients have no experience or familiarity with developing or implementing such a platform.

Having a proposal strategy is critical for multiple reasons. It helps guide pricing development, bidding strategies and the themes of the proposal itself.

No. 2: Demonstrating Value

Most procuring entities award contracts based on best value rather than lowest price. Although contractors understand a lot about getting to the lowest possible bid price, they may lack clarity when it comes to demonstrating overall value.

Price is a component of value, but so too are capacity, capability and past performance. An experienced proposal manager knows how to flesh out the details to clearly demonstrate a contractor’s history and qualifications for any given bidding opportunity.

No. 3: Infusing Expertise

Contractors are experts in their specific field — no one would contract with an electrician to landscape an office park. Similarly, few contractors have in-depth expertise in preparing and submitting proposals, yet some try to do just that all the time.

Proposal managers are experts in their field — preparing and submitting proposals. So when you use a professional proposal management service, you’re assured of having a true subject matter expert in charge of this critical aspect of business development.

No. 4: Improving Quality & Accuracy

Clients have many obligations — running the day-to-day operations of their business and performing the work in which they specialize. They have to squeeze in the tasks associated with bidding and proposal development where they can.

Proposal managers focus exclusively on helping their clients identify potential opportunities, analyzing them for fit and developing the proposal documents. With no other distractions to pull them away from these important processes and procedures, professional proposal management services have the ability and the time to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information required.

When a proposal manager also provides content management services, it helps ensure that the level of quality is retained in future bidding, without investing the time and effort required to recreate the data.

Although these benefits are some of the most important that proposal management specialists bring to their clients, they aren’t the only reasons you should consider using a proposal manager to help you grow your business.

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