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Dixie Casasola and famiy

Dixie Casasola - Proposal Writer

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Growing up in a small town in Central Utah, Dixie never imagined that her 3rd-grade spelling bee championship would lead to 12 years of writing proposals. Yet--here she is, living the dream! Pisces, office texting champion, carb lover and sleep addict, she lives on a healthy amount of Diet Coke, as she hasn’t quite acquired a taste for coffee, even though she really really wants to like it! But we digress…


With nearly 16 years of experience in contract and proposal production, marketing and business development, Dixie contributes quite a chunk of experience to the Meridian West team. She excels at all things proposal—from single projects to multi-million programmatic efforts and enveloping design/build, IDIQ, JOC, SABER, MACC, MATOC, JOC, BOA and POCA contracts. She exploits her specialized knowledge to whip up tailored approaches for a wide range of federal, state and local government procurements. You name it, she’s done it! From a tiny sources sought response to gargantuan cooperative proposals, Dixie is a skilled proposal manager with a knack for efficiency and a keen ability to multi-task. Did we happen to mention that she is the MW texting champion??? Don’t even try to compete with her—you’ll lose by a landslide.


Dixie radiates a positive energy and a contagious sense of humor. With her fun-loving nature, she is always game for last-minute projects to elevate the mediocre to the extraordinary. She sets the bar high. Like, really high! But with her ambition comes a humble desire to help everyone around her. It is not rare to find Dixie volunteering at charity events, helping a friend in need or supporting the homeless community. She's just that amazing!


When she’s not hanging with her peeps at MW, she also loves hiking and running…well, jogging…actually, it’s more like walking really really fast. Her recent adventures have taken her through Joshua Tree and Arches National Parks and speedily down Big Cottonwood Canyon. Never one to shy away from a theme park, Dixie has also spent considerable time at Disney Land, Disney World, Knotts Berry Farm, California Adventure and Universal Studios. And if you happen to be stuck in a Harry Potter-themed escape room, you’re going to want her on your team!


Senorita Dixie (yes, she speaks Spanish too) has an undying love for live theater so you may catch her at Hale Center Theater where she pretends to work a side gig but really sneaks in to crush on the amazing actors. She also has an affinity for reading, 80s music (read: Jon Bon Jovi), Amazon shopping, Marvel movies (mostly Chris Hemsworth's chiseled arms--same thing, right?) and sexy soccer calves.




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